Sesli Hedef

It has been almost TWO WHOLE MONTHS since I’ve been able to blog. My husband has successfully (if painfully) torn open the guts of our computer and replaced the motherboard, all the little computer pieces are no longer strewn around the office, all is tucked back into the sleek black case. My fingers poise over the neglected keys, eager to compose web prose….

….and nothing. Nichts. Nada. I am frozen. So much to say after two months, tumbling around in my brain. It isn’t the lack of anything to say. My writer’s block apparently is a profusion of too many thoughts and unsure of how to begin! So an awkward update to prime the pump. (I am spewing metaphors today. Sincere apologies.)

Summer is here in Wisconsin. I am actively pursuing my physical program to prepare for Iceland next year. I am walking 60 minutes four days a week and practicing basic yoga the remaining three days. Right now I feel fantastic. My daily pain seems to be drugged by all the endorphins from the exercise. At least this week, today, this moment in time. This is not always the case. Last week I struggled, muscles groping through sludge to move me through work, chores, life. Foggy brain. The typical fibro stuff. It’s those kind of weeks I have to force myself to keep with my exercise program.

I’m definitely not always consistent – half the time I am defeated by one longing look at my pillow. However, I have discovered I feel slightly better the next day when I push through the fog and pain to take my neighborhood walk. It’s a test of self-will and motivation. I mentally and sometimes audibly talk myself through each section of my walk. (The neighbors must wonder about my sanity behind closed doors.) I’ll focus on a tree, mailbox, or street sign further ahead as my goal (“You just need to make it to that fire hydrant. It’s not that far!”) Then I’ll focus on a new goal. I often self-talk myself all the way home. Other times I need a distraction – blood-boiling, foot-tapping, lift-the-roof-off-the-house happy music is the best medicine. Especially if I sing or hum along. (Again, I’m surprised the neighbors haven’t had me committed yet!)

Some travel plan updates: I will be leaving in a couple of weeks for my yearly pilgrimage to the Pacific Northwest. Ambitious plans this time: Seattle-area to visit my sisters, nieces and nephews, Vancouver as a graduation gift for my niece, and Portland for a friend’s wedding and visit with the parents. Already I have plans for fireworks in downtown Portland, driving up to Mt. St. Helens, and a road trip to the Oregon Coast. I also hope to soak up as much World Cup action as possible – the Northwest is rather soccer crazy and this former keeper has been counting down the days to the opening match in South Africa.


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